Southside Gardens through the year. Watch the full slide show

Wilderness, order, woodland, secret pathways, classical follies and water all combine to create a garden of surprises at Southside House, with formal and informal elements entwined. Visitors taking a guided tour are welcome to wander and explore. Arts and performance events are staged here, and a programme of visual installations and activities is being planned for later this year.

We try to garden in an organic and environmentally responsible way and avoid the use of all chemical fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides. Wild life is encouraged at Southside and Great, Willow, Blue and Long-tailed tits, dunnocks, robins, fieldfares, green, gold and bull finches, nuthatches,blackbirds, thrushes (occasionally), greater spotted woodpeckers, green woodpeckers, tawny owls and jays (less welcome) are regular visitors/residents.

This year sees the arrival of two colonies of bees for the orchard - and we are currently restoring the overgrown wall features in the privy garden as well as planting two new Swedish birches - Betula pendula 'Laciniata' to replace trees lost to disease in the woodland grove.