"Southside House is not a work of art but something more precious - a house created and adorned by those who inhabit it."  

Simon Jenkins (England's 1000 Best Houses).


For some time now, the Trustees of the Pennington Mellor Munthe Charity Trust have been considering the future of Southside House, in the context of their charitable objectives and how best the charity can best continue to further these.

Southside House has always faced significant challenges as a cultural and educational venue, due in part to its location on the edge of the UK’s biggest cultural hub, but also to its inherent character, and as a much altered building.The Trustees also need to consider the charity’s other site, Hellens Manor in Herefordshire, its advantages and potential, and the best interests of the charity and its beneficiaries as a whole.

As a result, and after much deliberation, and following discussions with the Charity Commission, the Trustees are exploring the possibility of a sale of Southside House.This would enable much-needed funds to be released to safeguard the charity’s future, with the integrity of the charity’s collections of art and historical artefacts being preserved, and the significant Wharton Collection reunited under one roof again. Activities and facilities would be enhanced, in a genuinely underprivileged part of the country, and combined at Hellens Manor.

This would, of course, be a significant step for the charity, and one that the Trustees would not take lightly. They are mindful of the affection in which Southside House is held. The Trustees would therefore like to hear the views of those who may be affected by, or who have an interest in, these proposals.

*You may submit your views in writing to:

The Trustees

The Pennington-Mellor-Munthe Charity Trust

Southside House

3-4 Woodhayes Road

Wimbledon SW19 4RJ

· by email to:

In both cases please, views should be submitted before June 30th 2020, or

· by attending a public meeting to be held at Southside thereafter

· or by all three

Details of this meeting will be posted outside the house and on the website

At this early stage, and in the context of Covid 19, we are not able to give further details of any specific proposals, but we can say that the Trustees are considering all options including those with or without a continuing degree of public access to Southside House. It will be possible to provide more information on the available options, and on the constraints under which we operate, at the public meeting as discussed above.


Adam Munthe Chair, The Trustees The Pennington-Mellor-Munthe Charity Trust